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Running Specialist + Free Gait Analysis

Whether you’re a tortoise of a hare, you’re a runner, and all will benefit from our video gait analysis. Biomechanics is the study of how the body moves during the gait cycle, you wouldn’t build a house without getting the foundations right. Our video gait analysis is a scientific way of assessing each runners mechanics, many runners over pronate, but that’s not where it ends, there are different levels of over pronating, by doing the tests we can recommend shoes, that work with a runners style, improving the the runners efficiency, maximising comfort, and reducing the risk of injury.

Our video gait analysis and bio-mechanical testing comes free when you purchase running shoes.

Running shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any runner. Every runner runs differently, therefore every runner has slightly different footwear needs. Our expert team will use specialist technology to assess your own personal running style, and model you the perfect shoe.

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Professional Video Analysis

Our video gait analysis is a scientific way of assessing each runners lower-limb biomechanics. By doing this, we can recommend running shoes that work with a runners’ natural biomechanics, improving their running efficiency, maximising comfort and reducing the risk of injury.


I visited yesterday for a new pair of road running shoes. I felt relaxed and looked after whilst finding the right shoes for me. A friendly, family run shop with generations of experience under one roof. Will definitely be going back!


Great advice and willingness to help including gait analysis. Superb range of goods too. Love my new running shoes!


Wasn’t sure what to expect as a very novice runner, but found the staff friendly and knowledgeable, great service and plenty of choice.


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